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We’re raising £5,000 to help the BRIDGWATER ARTS CENTRE with vital building repairs

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The Bridgwater Arts Centre is a building with a lot of history. Situated in the heart of the town, this Georgian, Grade 1 listed building hosts the oldest funded Arts Centre in England. Founded in 1946, we were the first Arts Centre to receive funds from the newly formed Arts Council of Great Britain and consequently we recently celebrated our 75th Anniversary.

The centre has been through some hard times over the years and has come close to being shut down completely on more than one occasion. It has somehow survived, largely due to a thriving community spirit and the dedication of a small band of passionate and hard working volunteers.

But the Arts Centre is once again facing an uncertain future. Rising energy costs coupled with a lack of core funding has meant that finances are extremely tight, and with the building in need of constant repair, we currently do not have a sufficient amount of funds to cover all of our expenses.

The Arts Centre is not only an integral part of our local community, but it’s history as the first of it’s kind gives it an importance on a national level.

A lot of you will not have visited the centre so consequently would not understand it’s significance or would witness how special it is. It not only provides entertainment in the form of events and gallery space, but is also a hub for a number of local community groups. It would be such a shame to lose it.

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