Bridgwater Arts Centre


Current exhibition

3rd MAY to 27th MAY

JANE HARRIS: A Retrospective

Jane was a Canadian who came over to experience the swinging 60’s. She liked England so much that she stayed here until she passed away with cancer in December 2020. 

Having worked in education for 20 years, when she retired she began attending Art classes with Pauline Lerry in North Petherton. She became so enthused that for the rest of her life, image making became as great passion.

Even in the last weeks of her life she still worked away, always trying new skills and techniques, She never really believed in her own talent and would never have envisaged a public display of her work which confirms that she is a perfect example of the fact that it is never too late to take up and appreciate Art.

This exhibition shows a diverse range that clearly demonstrates not only her tenacity of approach but the development of her individual visual language. Her substantial skill base is evident, and she wasn’t afraid to take a risk. The subject matter ranges from observing the natural world to visually commenting on current political issues. The techniques she employed range from charcoal and ink, pastel and wash, using acrylics, and watercolour, and experimenting with mixing media. Her work is indicative of a sense of artistic curiosity, constantly asking the question “what happens if”.


Future Exhibitions

MAY 31st – JULY 1st


An exhibition celebrating the experience of artists, crafters and makers in the aftermath of the pandemic. Art, craft and making have been powerful tools during our recent times of lockdown and isolation. The New Normal will highlight some of the extraordinary work created during that period. Many artists have adopted new techniques, learned new processes or discovered new subject matter, and this exhibition celebrates those highly personal responses as we all progress towards a new version of normality.

4th JULY – 30th JULY


A range of individual investigations into the relationship between what we see and what we hear merging aural and visual experiences. An immersive exploration of two of our primary senses that enable us to engage with our surroundings. Sound, art, photography and video are combined and cooperate to create a series of unique narratives.