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Margaret Micklewright


Land and Sea – Sea and Land

Geology and History – History and Geology

Has lived in Somerset for many years and has enjoyed looking at and painting local landscapes. She seeks wild places, with little evidence of human intervention, such as Dartmoor, the Levels and the coast.   An opportunity arose to visit Shetland.  Walks around the spectacular scenery of Ness of Hillswick, huge cliffs and wonderful geology, inspired her.  Similarly, light on the Voe (sea loch) near where she was staying was a constant source of contemplative calm. A connection with that landscape has begun.  The connection between land and sea through geology and history is a constant source of inspiration.  The work traces the development of ideas, just based on what she has found.

I visited Shetland in March when the Spring daylight crept over rocks and voes (inland sea lochs), not yet lighting the colours of the vegetation.  Trees were not yet in bud, grass remained yellowed and heather was blackened by the cold winter winds. I took one of the best walks I have taken at the Ness of Hillswick and Eshaness (a location that I’d longed to visit)  where cliffs were not only vast but full of colour, due to the incredible geological composition of rocks on Shetland. So, where things did appear at first, a little bleak, I was inspired by the formations and colour of the cliffs at these locations.  The actions of the sea were evident and all this has brought about this new body of work which just combines my first thoughts and responses to what I have felt and seen.

I look forward to exploring further both physically and especially in my own work.


Future exhibitions


Steve Gathercole

Whilst I always had an interest in Art during my school days I did not pursue art or even appreciate I might have any artistic talent. Later on in life when I took early retirement from the I.T industry, my wife suggested I took up Art as a hobby. Initially I focused on Airbrush art but soon became interested in Oil’s, Pastels, Coloured pencil, Graphite and more recently Watercolor. Growing up in rural Norfolk villages and coming from a farming background, I was always fascinated by wildlife  which is the main subject matter for my artwork. Over the years I have developed a style of fine detail and realism which have tried to apply to each medium I use.

Now living in a small Somerset village I am also  lucky enough to live near an amateur photographer who specialises in local bird photography  he has been an excellent source of Somerset bird reference material, allowing me to study all types of birds in greater detail.

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